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Opening 2018

“Ocean 44 will keep the tradition of intimacy with the upscale vibe of Steak 44, while giving guests an exciting coastal feel.” –  Jeff Mastro


Ocean 44 is the newest venture for restaurateurs Mike and Jeff Mastro, their father Dennis and partner Scott Troilo. With this endeavor, the team behind Steak 44 and Dominick’s Steakhouse, who are also the founders of Mastro’s Steakhouse and Mastro’s Ocean Club (both brands sold in 2007), will bring with them the same luxurious service their guests are used to with a new take on quality seafood, Scottsdale diners are sure to enjoy.

Ocean 44 will soon be the newest seafood restaurant Scottsdale residents will be talking about. Located in the former Harkin’s Camelview space on Goldwater Blvd, Ocean 44 will be a completely new build designed by Testani Design Troupe. The dining area will offer guests unique and inviting dining areas in its 12,000 square foot area. According to Jeff Mastro, Ocean 44 will keep the tradition of intimacy with the upscale vibe of Steak 44 while giving guests an exciting coastal feel.

Ocean 44’s menu will be designed with fresh seafood and quality ingredients in mind. The Mastro’s are embarking on a worldwide quest to find ultra-grade seafood for their new restaurant concept. Typical dishes are not composed with side dishes to form one singular plate, but much of the menu is served a la carte, letting each guest personalize their experience. This grants diners the rare opportunity to enjoy multiple flavors, and sometimes different types of seafood, all in one sitting.

Ocean 44 will feature many of the mouthwatering prime-grade steaks that we serve at Steak 44 and Dominick’s Steakhouse. This will give guests the opportunity to have the best of both worlds all on one plate.

When we combine the legendary service the Mastro brother’s restaurants are known for, with the freshest seafood available, Ocean 44 should become the hot new fine dining restaurant Scottsdale critics rave about for years to come.

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