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Valley Chef Fishing in Alaska

King Salmon Fishing Trip in Alaska

As I type, Ocean 44 Chief Executive Chef Marc Lupino is on his way back to Scottsdale after a quick fishing trip to Alaska. Lupino left Wednesday for Cordova to fish the Copper River for King Salmon before the fishing season opens for commercial fishing.

Fresh Seafood for Scottsdale Restaurant Ocean 44

This unique opportunity has Lupino and a small group of people fishing Thursday into Friday before returning to Scottsdale. Once he returns he will prepare the fish for guests Friday evening. It doesn’t get much fresher than that, especially for a Scottsdale restaurant so far from the Copper River.

Menu Features Chef Sourced Fish & More

Once in the kitchen, the fish will be braised in spring water, butter and lemon. Can’t make it in tonight, the fish will be on the menu in coming weeks as more fish are caught. Reserve your table at Ocean 44 today to enjoy fresh Salmon and more of the highest quality seafood available!

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May 23rd, 2019|